Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I received a call from Beth letting us know that she was going to input our information in the computer so that we can go get our fingerprints done. The next Day we where in the system ready to make the appointment and we did it online for Monday 29 and we paid $45 each.

She also sent the reference to my job and my boss filled it out right away and i will mail it for them to make suer it gets there ASAP!!

Beth sure is moving very quickly wich i like. So far i am happy with the agency.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Today i faxed the registry clearance and the reference sheets to Beth. Spoke to Beth yesterday and she said to fax her these aplication first and she will get started on things. She said she will give the co worker my information so that she can give us a call to get our homestudy started. I think things are really moving now. I am so excited.

I have told all my immediate family and my husbands, but have not told all the people that i know. I just dont want to jinx anything right now. I just hope everything works out for us.

Today we are having a Secret Santa exchange at work. I got Claudia and bought her a cook book she loves to cook.

I am so stressed out right now at work. It is year end closing for us and we have so much work!! Yesterday i was at work til 9pm and today i dont know what time i will be staying till. I am also trying to go christmas shopping, but have not had the time. UUHHHHH

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I received the aplication packet from my agency. My heart was pumping it is starting to feel real to me know. We got a huge packet and with a list of all the stuff that we need to become adoptive parents. Beth told me to call her as soon as i received the packet so she can explain to me the stuff that she needs right away. OMG OMG OMG !!!

I called Beth and she was very busy today. She said to start on the basic stuff. Tory called me and told me that.

I called Williams mom yesterday and told her to please look for William's birth certificate and she does have it YAyyy ! We thought we had to send for it in DR that saved us a big step.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Adoption Journey

We finally chose the agency !! After many years of Infertility including 4 IUI's, 2 surgeries, many clomid cycles, and finally 1 IVF unsing my own eggs and 1 IVF using a donor egg. We have decided to move own and adopt a precious child. I have always wanted to adopt a child in my heart and we are finally doing it. My hubby and i are very excited and cant wait to start the process. In October we made the decision and I started looking online buying books and magazines and talking to adoptive parents. Everything sounds so wonderful, but at the same time it is so overwhelming. I know we can do this it is just when i started learning about infertility and all of the different treatments you just learn all the stuff after a while.

In November we attended 1 orientation with Gladney for International adoption. It seem such a long process and so much more money than adopting domestically. There are several factors to why we wont adopt international.

In December we attended orientation for the CARING ADOPTIONS. I was very interested in this agency first of all beacouse they are licensed with the state of TEXAS and also for the lower fees. We where very pleased with the people tha work with this agency. We met with Pat and her husband. We receveid the Forms and a lot of information that Day. I spoke to their references and they all where pleased although a lot of them used Facilitators.

On 12/12/08 i sent in my fees for Homestudy and Aplication. Yayyyy this is the start of our Journey to adoption.

On 12/15/08 I called and spoke with Beth she said she had received the payment and that she will be emailing me the real aplication. She said to call her and she will walk me through all the paperwork that is needed right away.