Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Son will be 4 months old soon

I cant believe how fast time past by. Baby C is doing great ! He is going to be a big boy he weighs over 18 lbs and is super long and healthy. He smiles with mommy and daddy and tries to talk to us sooo cute! I never thought i can love a human being so much! he is the love of our lives. He will have his 4 month old doctors appointment soon and i am not looking foward to see him cry with the vaccines. I started work again and it was very hard at first, but he stays with his grandma and she takes really good care of him. I will post pics soon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Dreams and Prayers came true

Sorry i have been away for a while, but i have been so busy lately. I tell you why. Is a long story but i will make short. On Tuesday April 14 morning at 7am i got a call from my agency saying that birth mom was being prepared to have the epidural and that she will be having the baby very soon. WE hurried to the hospital as soon as possible. When we got there the first person we saw was our SW and the birth mom's mother. She was very sweet lady and very supportive of the adoption we where a bit nervous this was our first time we where going to meet the birth mom. When we walked in the delivery room she was laying on the bed with contractions, but minimal pain just some discomfort. We all got along great! The birth mom asked us who wanted to cut the cord?? I was speechless and i said my husband if that is OK with you she said yes she also said that if i wanted to be in the room to see the delivery i said YES. I have never seen a live birth before and this was so important to me. At around 2pm the birth mom was ready to give birth and we all got ready to see this amazing event and at 2:52pm baby C was born we where all crying me, BM, grandma, hubby everyone it was amazing. Baby C weight 8lbs 1oz and was 19.5 inches long. He was so cute and i fell in love instantly. BM requested to spend time with baby for 1 hour before we got to hold him and that was fine with us. We went to pick up some Mexican food she wanted and 1 hour later we where back and the baby was in the nursery getting cleaned up. We got to cuddle with him and feed him. In the state of Texas BM has 48 hours to sign the TPR papers this was the longest 48 hours of my life and on Thursday April 16 at 3pm the papers where sign YAYYYYY!!! It was hard for BM to let go of the baby, but i told her that we promised to take good care of him and that she was part of our family too! She said she knows this was the best thing for her baby boy!! We gave her necklace with a pendant of a cross and a heart so that she can remember our promise to take good care of this baby. Thank you GOD for this prayer come true.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Birth Mom will be induced today

Agency called me that birth mom went to a doctors appointment this afternoon and that she will be in the hospital today to be induced at 10pm today and that she will probably deliver early Tuesday morning, but that the doctors appointment today went well and that she was 3 cm dilated. I asked them when should we be going to the hospital and they told us probably Tuesday morning. They where going to grab a bite to eat with the birth mom and then they will go to the hospital.

I asked them that i would like to bring a gift for the birth mom and that if they had any ideas and she said yes you can get her a simple heart or cross from James Avery i think this is perfect because i shop there all the time and i would love to buy her something there.

On our way to the store i received another call from agency saying that birth mom wants to meet us and that she wants us at the hospital yayyy. We have not met the birth mother and i think is just great to get to get to know her. I would love to see how she looks like and how she is. The agency told us to keep the phone close by that they will probably give us a call in the middle of the night and we can take off to the hospital.

In the meantime we put the car seat, stroller and bassinet together today. The baby clothes have been all washed and bottles cleaned.

Please keep us in your prayers!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BM will be induced next week

I got a call yesterday from my agency saying that BM will be induced next week and that the baby is healthy and ready to come out. The BM is still 2cm dilated, but she is in good health. We are so happy and excited. She said that we need to be at the hospital on Tuesday. I had to tell my job that beginning next week i need to take off and they where all very supportive. So far the BM just wants to be with the baby when he is born, but the agency said that can change and that she may want to be with him for the whole 2 days. We are getting emotionally ready and so far only a few of our family members know. I am praying every night that this is it for us. Please keep us in your prayers.

Friday, April 3, 2009

BM had to reschedule Ultrasound

I had not heard anything from my agency on BM ultrasound yesterday. So i decided to email her to find out today. My agency emailed me back today and said that they had to re schedule her Ultrasound because the Ultrasound results from the other doctors office had not arrived yet. So they re scheduled for Monday at 10am. I told my agency that i was scheduled to be on vacation next week and that if i should just hold of on that and she said yes to not take the vacation yet. I feel like i am getting the run around and that they are not telling us something i hope this is not the case and maybe i am just wrong and that everything will be ok. On Friday 04/10 is good Friday so we have it off anyways so i think i am just going to take off Thursday because i feel so tired and really need a break from work. Tomorrow Hubby and I will be going to Dallas to see the Nascar race that should be fun a lot of Friends from his job are going. TGIF!!!! Please pray for us ladies that the baby is OK.

Monday, March 30, 2009


So my agency calls me after reading my email. she said they could not get a appointment for Friday so they had to get it for today. She said the ultrasound went OK. They had to take some ultrasound pics and they will send them to Dr. Jenkins to review and on Thursday she has her next appointment and the doc will review the results with her. Amy agency will be at her appointment. The appointment is at 2pm Thursday. I told her that i don't mean to worry so much and she said she understands after my first failed match is normal to feel like that, but she said she has no concerns about the BM changing her mind she just wants to make sure they baby is OK. BM is only 24 years old and she has a 16 month old daughter. Her mother is being very supportive of the adoption and she lives with her.

No news on the Ultrasound yet

Maybe i am worrying to much about this new birth mom, but she was suppose to get a ultrasound done on March 27 Friday to make sure the baby was OK. On the first visit March 26 the doc said the baby was small and that she could not be induced, but that she would need another ultrasound to make sure this is the case, beacouse they did not have the proper equipment at his office. I called my agency on Friday and they said that she was going to call them and that my agency will call me if they had any news. Well i did not get a call on Friday or the weekend. Today i also don't get a call. So i decided to email my agency instead of calling i don't want to call them too much unless is a emergency, but this is so frustrating not knowing what is going on. I feel like we paid a chunk of money last week to be placed with her and now i don't hear anything. I am praying everything works out. This is taking a big toll on our life's.

Friday, March 27, 2009

We are matched again ! OMG

My agency had emailed me last week about a birth mom opportunity. She is Caucasian and she does not know who is the daddy. He can either be Hispanic, African American, Caucasian she is not sure. I had told my agency that the race does not matter to me all i care is that if the baby is healthy. So i got the call yesterday in the afternoon saying that we where chosen again OMG. Here we go again. This time i am not trying to get excited at all the last failed match was so hard for me and for my husband. She is already dilated and they where going to see if they induced the BM yesterday. It turns out that the baby is still too small and the doctors want to see if BM can wait it out at least three more weeks. My agency said that they dont think she is going to wait that long. I am a little concern about the baby's weight they said it could be because birth mom smokes and that is why the baby is small. They are going to go for a ultrasound today to find out if she can be induced for sure or if she will have to wait. OMG this adoption thing is so stressful, but i know that it will be all worth it someday. Anyway we had to pay a lot of money yesterday because BM does not have medicare, but the agency will be putting her on emergency medicare so that we wont have to spend so much money on medical bills. I am so anxious to know what happened today at the ultrasound Stephanie will be calling me today i hope. Please pary for us.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BM changed her mind

Yesterday is the most devastating day i have had since we started our adoption journey. I received a call from the BM yesterday and we talked about how our weekend was and how she was feeling. She said she was feeling good and that was it. Then i received a call from Stephanie in the afternoon saying that BM was not sure what she wanted to do. That she felt pressured and that she just did not know what to do. I was just so devastated when i heard those words specially after i was already attached to the baby and BM i have been there for all the ultrasounds and i thought everything was just perfect. Well it was not and the BM could not tell me to my face that that how she was feeling. Stephanie was very comforting when she told me don't worry maybe this was not meant to be and that she knows we will be parents soon. I wish i would not have told my family and my husband family it just makes it harder. I cried a lot yesterday and i told my hubby the bad news when he came home from work he was also upset we could not believe it we just hugged and cried. I think part of the reason she changed her mind is because she left the center and went to live back at her parents house just because she was High Risk and the center could not have her stay there. Now the BM feels pressured and is all confused now. Atleast this happned now and not at the last minute i think it would HURT even more. I am so hurt by everything GOD please help us get through this rollercoster.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doctors Appointmetn

Agency called me today and told me BM is at her mom's house resting and will be staying there. They gave me her daytime phone number to stay in touch with her. I called BM to see how she was feeling and she said she is resting and woke up at 11am today and that she feels better. She ask me if they told me when her next doctors appointment was and i said yes that if it was 03/19/2009 at 3:30pm and she said yes. This is with the new high risk doctor. I am happy that she wants me to be at her doctors appointment.

Birthmom is 2cm dilated OMG

So yesterday i went to BM ultrasound at 9am. I was waiting inside the doctors office while she arrived and she did. she came in with her teacher and i got to meet her too! I gave both of them a big hug. She brought me some pictures of her family this included her mom, dad, sisters and her. She looks a lot like her mom i told her and her younger sister. Her mom is Caucasian with blond hair and green eyes. She has a step dad who is from Puerto Rico. Is funny cuz i have a step dad and i was born in puerto rico. They called her name and we went in. The nurses already know who i am and i feel more comfortable now with BM and i know she feels better with me because she seems a little bit more open with me now not as shy anymore. Well the doctor wanted to check her baby first before she got the ultrasound and for this we could not be in the room. So when doctor finished BM told me that she was 2cm dilated i was like WHAT!! She is only 27 weeks & 4days! She said that on Saturday she went to the emergency room for some bleeding, but that the doctor sent her home and told her that it was normal because her cervix just dropped. Yesterday they also did a ultrasound on the baby and he weighs 2lb 6oz. and is about 15inches long. So looks like the baby is growing, but he had some fluid on his kidneys that they want to continue to monitor that. They told BM she has to be on Strict bed rest so that she wont continue to dilate. They want her to see a specialist ASAP!! they want her to call ASAP for a appt and if she cant get in there then she needs to come back to this office.

I received a call from my agency after i left the doctors office and told me that how i felt about the situation and that if i want to continue to work with BM ? cuz they said i look upset i said NO i was worried for her and the baby that is all and that i want to continue to work with her. The agency said that BM will be moving from the center where she is at back home, because the center will not have a high pregnant girl on board, but that she will still be taking advantage of the center she still needs to ready books and do everything from her home.

Monday, March 2, 2009


This past Saturday we took our Adoption 101 class at the agency and we learned a lot from it. We learned the different kinds of formula there is for newborns, Diapers, Bottles. What we need to take to the Hospital ect.. They had two Baby Dolls that where life size of newborns and William learned how to change a diaper aww that was so cute seeing him do it. Well he did a great Job i am so proud of him. I got to learn how to swaddle the baby with a baby blanket. They say some babies love to be swaddle. We also received several literature on babies. I really was interested in the kangaroo care. Is basically where you put the baby close to your bare chest and the baby has nothing on only his diaper. This is good for bonding and a lot other things. I would be interested in doing this.

So this weekend we told my husband's family about our match and that the baby boy is due in June. My sister in law and brother in laws where so excited. I cried while i told my story and my sister in law was so happy for us that she cried with me to. They are very supportive of us. I am so happy that they are. My mother in law is also Happy for us, but she has no clue what it is to adopt and i dont want to sit there and explain to her everything. She thinks that the BM can come at snatch the baby away ect.. she has no clue. The important thing is that me and William are the ones that know how everything works.

My sister in law says that she has off those month's and that she will come to my house and help me with the baby. To take care of him, decorate the room, go shopping everything. They all also like the name that we picked.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I met with BM yesterday at her ultrasound and it was a great experience being there to see the baby move and to hear his heartbeat. The BM and seem to be getting along very well we spoke about what she is learning at the center. She is learning on how to be a independent woman. I think she is a great person and very sweet. She also introduced me as the Adoptive Mom of her unborn baby to the nurses this was so nice of her i just cant believe how well everything is going. She also told me that she spoke to her parents about the adoption plan and they are very proud of her for making that decision. They also want to meet us and get to know us. I told her i would love that. They said is better to know each other before the baby is born because they will be there for the birth and we would not feel awkward. Before we left the BM told me i needed to go to her car because she had something for me. So as we walk to the car she hands me a baby gift bag with all the baby's ultrasound pictures and a scrapbook kit to start a book of my own with the baby OMG i was so happy words cannot express how i feel right now. She also put a card in there and a chocolate. On the card it read " I am so looking forward to seeing you both be parents just like we always wanted. I hope you enjoy this blessing just like me." OMG she is the sweetest person i have ever met. The baby is doing great he weighs 2 lbs right now and he is adorable. I can see his face, legs, arms, fingers. He is perfectly normal and so is the BM. I bought the ultrasound pictures and she did not want the original ones instead she made a copy of them for her to keep. She has another ultrasound on 03/09. I want to be there at every ultrasounds she gets just so i can get to know her and the baby.

Friday, February 20, 2009


This is how it all went yesterday with BM. We met with Agency at 11:15am and from there we drove together with the agency to meet with BM at the treatment center. The treatment center was like 1 hour away. This was going to be a long ride. My husband and I got to speak with Stephanie who works for our agency. She is so nice and sweet she really help us understand the BM who we where about to meet. We asked questions about her and about the procedures. We got a little lost on our way there, but we finally arrived about 12:20pm. I was really nervous about the whole thing, but very happy and excited. This treatment center is way in the woods in a very countryside place. It was actually very nice and quite. So we get down and went inside we took off our shoes and went inside. There where so many young girls all over the place they where are very nice and sweet girls. We went to the meeting room and we sit and have some water. Then comes this really young girl dressed with a blue maternity shirt and black pants that where a bit big on her, but you can tell she was pregnant for sure. She was very shy and you can tell she was nervous just like us. We loved her she was very nice. At the end we opened up to each other and she even showed me the baby's ultrasound pictures. I almost cried when she did that. The pictures where in a photo album. She had it all nice and neat and had stickers on the photo album with the dates she took them all. After the meeting was over she went back to school at at the center and the lady from the agency talked to us and said it was a good sign that she showed us the ultrasound pictures. That they will talk to her to make sure this is what she wants for her baby. They will call us and let us know.

When we met with BM it was 02/19 and on 02/20 BM called and said she is sure she wants to place the baby with us. Yayyyyyyyy OMG i was in tears and i immediately called William and told him he was very excited and could not believe it. I also called Mom, Sis, Brother. She also wants me to be in her doctors visits ultrasounds. I really want to be there for the doctors appointments and experience this with her. I hope we get along and that we build a good relationship. She has a doctors appointment today and i will drive about 1 hour away to be there.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So i am really nervous, happy, excited all about meeting with the birth mom tomorrow. I emailed my agency to confirm our appointment and she said we are still on for tomorrow @ 11:15am we will meet at the agency and from there we will be meeting with BM at the treatment center where she is staying right now. They said they have a nice meeting room at the treatment center where she is staying. I had asked the agency if i have to bring a gift for her or something they said no, but if i want i can bring her something small. I was thinking of bringing her some flowers just like another adoptive mom brought their BM. I will be praying that this meeting goes well and that she can trust me so that i can offer to go to the ultrasounds etc..

Thursday, February 12, 2009


A lot has happen just this week. We have had two birth mom opportunities just this week OMG. I cant believe this is happening.

The first birth mom is located here in Magnolia, TX which we like because she is local and we can see each other and just maybe i can be in the delivery room this is my dream, but we have to see it she picks us ect.. She is only 18 and she is in a treatment center for abandonment issues. Not sure what that is. Birth mom expenses is not that bad a month.

The second birth mom is located in Las Vegas, NV and she is 33 years old has two children in Foster care ages 5 and 3 years. She is a heavy Meth user and she has been using it through her whole pregnancy. My hubby and I decided not to make the match. I am so sorry to say i know this baby will need a lot of love and we just dont think we can handle it.

My agency called me and said that if we where interested in the lady from Las Vegas and we said no. After that she said because you have been picked by the first birth mom. I was sooooooo happy. She is due in June and is having a boy. OMG OMG !! She wants to meet us next Thursday. I do know she was contact with the baby. That is no problem with me. I hope that when she meets her she likes us and we like her and that everything goes well. I am so nervous.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So our TB test results are negative one more good thing. My profile books came in on 01/20 so i sent Beth the missing paperwork and the 5 copies of our profile books. On Saturday 01/24 i attended the Adoption Journey class which lasted about 6 hours and the new girl Sue that works there told me she had seen the book and that she loved them. The class was very informative and i met other couples that are going through the same thing as we are that is nice to feel that i am not alone. I emailed Beth and she said that she needed to get the home study typed up and that she will let me know about a prospect birth mother. Yeah i cant wait i am so happy that at least the paperwork is done. So i guess is just waiting now. I started to crochet a afghan for the baby to keep me sane the colors i used is yellow, white something that both a boy/girl can use.

Friday, January 16, 2009


So yesterday we had the social worker come by our house to conduct a Home study. I was nervous and scared, but she turned out to be a nice lady. We talked and she walked around the house and she wanted to see where the baby's nursery will be. She thought our house was nice and very clean she says. At the end of the Home study i asked her where do we go from here. She says i need to turn in the last missing documents and my profiles and also take the classes and that should be it and the wait will begin, but she says that our first part of the home study is complete and we are Approved YAYYYYYY!! i was so excited and it was a relieve to hear that coming from her. My husband and i took the whole day off yesterday and we also went to the doctor to take the TB test done. We need to go back on Saturday morning to get our results if we don't the results will be invalid. So far we are very happy, excited, thrilled everything. I know we are just starting, but this is a good start.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wow haven't posted in a while. I am having problems log in in for some reason.

So here is what has happened in a few Days...

So tomorrow the case worker comes to my house for the home study and i am so nervous. I don't know why i am because we have nothing bad to hide. I cant wait though i also have the TB testing tomorrow @ 8am and the home study is at 1:30pm. Our adoption agency sent me a list of of the stuff that i am still missing like, 5 copies of my adoption profile, financial agreement, photos of the backyard or sketch, my husband's certificate of naturalization for his citizenship, but she said i am doing good with the paperwork. I am trying to turn in everything as soon as possible. Oh today i also made reservations to attend some parenting classes that we need in order for us to complete our 32 hours of parent education. So on January 24 we have the Adoption Journey class and on March 28 the CPR class. Both of these classes give us a good amount of credit hours toward the parent education hours required by the state of Texas.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday i finally mailed out the documents to the adoption agency. I did it by fed ex just so it can make it there safely. The only thing that we both have left to do is the TB test. I called our family practioner today to schedule the TB test for 01/16/2008 in the morning.

We have so many things to do that day i had to take the whole day off. Here is what our schedule looks like. In the morning go to the doctor then come home clean the house and make it ready for the Home study that day. It is also my sister's birthday.

I feel like we are moving pretty quick with the adoption. I dont want to waste anytime with this i want to get it done right away. I feel like the quicker the sooner we can be placed with a child. I just hope and pray that we get approved as adoptive parents although i dont see why not.

On our adoptive parent profile we are almost done. I just need to do some last minute adjustments in pictures ect.. but the book is looking very nice.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Havent Bloged in a while. Part of the reason is the Holidays we had a very busy week, but that did not stop me from finishing up all the documents that needs to get filled out for the adoption agency.

We went and got finger printed on Friday 12/26 and after i got our receipt that shows we went and got it done I faxed it over to Beth the next Day.

I started working on the adoptive parents profile for the birthmother and finished it yesterday finally! I was kind of nervouse beacouse i wanted it to be perfect for her. Once i started it it was easy. I use shutterfly to do a photo album with stories of our lives including the dearmother birth letter in it. I hope they like it i put so much work in it.

Today William went to get his Driver License and he is going to get the Local Police Clearance done too ! He took today off to do that. He is going to do mine too! That says me time from work. I hope they let him do mine even if i am not there. The Lady told me he could just using my passport i hope she is right. If not i will have to get time off to go do it.

We are so close to being done with all the paperwork and i cant wait to turn everything in to Beth so she can get started look for a birthmom.

Today i made copies of our documents from the original ones that i have, but i still have to do more on Monday for Williams stuff.

We are getting closer to finishing up.