Monday, April 13, 2009

Birth Mom will be induced today

Agency called me that birth mom went to a doctors appointment this afternoon and that she will be in the hospital today to be induced at 10pm today and that she will probably deliver early Tuesday morning, but that the doctors appointment today went well and that she was 3 cm dilated. I asked them when should we be going to the hospital and they told us probably Tuesday morning. They where going to grab a bite to eat with the birth mom and then they will go to the hospital.

I asked them that i would like to bring a gift for the birth mom and that if they had any ideas and she said yes you can get her a simple heart or cross from James Avery i think this is perfect because i shop there all the time and i would love to buy her something there.

On our way to the store i received another call from agency saying that birth mom wants to meet us and that she wants us at the hospital yayyy. We have not met the birth mother and i think is just great to get to get to know her. I would love to see how she looks like and how she is. The agency told us to keep the phone close by that they will probably give us a call in the middle of the night and we can take off to the hospital.

In the meantime we put the car seat, stroller and bassinet together today. The baby clothes have been all washed and bottles cleaned.

Please keep us in your prayers!

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  1. What's been going on? Did everything go as planned? Please update, I wish and pray all is great!