Friday, April 3, 2009

BM had to reschedule Ultrasound

I had not heard anything from my agency on BM ultrasound yesterday. So i decided to email her to find out today. My agency emailed me back today and said that they had to re schedule her Ultrasound because the Ultrasound results from the other doctors office had not arrived yet. So they re scheduled for Monday at 10am. I told my agency that i was scheduled to be on vacation next week and that if i should just hold of on that and she said yes to not take the vacation yet. I feel like i am getting the run around and that they are not telling us something i hope this is not the case and maybe i am just wrong and that everything will be ok. On Friday 04/10 is good Friday so we have it off anyways so i think i am just going to take off Thursday because i feel so tired and really need a break from work. Tomorrow Hubby and I will be going to Dallas to see the Nascar race that should be fun a lot of Friends from his job are going. TGIF!!!! Please pray for us ladies that the baby is OK.

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  1. Hi Jenny, I've been trying to follow your journey but I got side tracked. I was so happy to hear of your recent match. I hope and pray all is well and you get great news tomorrow. I'll try to check back.