Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So our TB test results are negative one more good thing. My profile books came in on 01/20 so i sent Beth the missing paperwork and the 5 copies of our profile books. On Saturday 01/24 i attended the Adoption Journey class which lasted about 6 hours and the new girl Sue that works there told me she had seen the book and that she loved them. The class was very informative and i met other couples that are going through the same thing as we are that is nice to feel that i am not alone. I emailed Beth and she said that she needed to get the home study typed up and that she will let me know about a prospect birth mother. Yeah i cant wait i am so happy that at least the paperwork is done. So i guess is just waiting now. I started to crochet a afghan for the baby to keep me sane the colors i used is yellow, white something that both a boy/girl can use.

Friday, January 16, 2009


So yesterday we had the social worker come by our house to conduct a Home study. I was nervous and scared, but she turned out to be a nice lady. We talked and she walked around the house and she wanted to see where the baby's nursery will be. She thought our house was nice and very clean she says. At the end of the Home study i asked her where do we go from here. She says i need to turn in the last missing documents and my profiles and also take the classes and that should be it and the wait will begin, but she says that our first part of the home study is complete and we are Approved YAYYYYYY!! i was so excited and it was a relieve to hear that coming from her. My husband and i took the whole day off yesterday and we also went to the doctor to take the TB test done. We need to go back on Saturday morning to get our results if we don't the results will be invalid. So far we are very happy, excited, thrilled everything. I know we are just starting, but this is a good start.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wow haven't posted in a while. I am having problems log in in for some reason.

So here is what has happened in a few Days...

So tomorrow the case worker comes to my house for the home study and i am so nervous. I don't know why i am because we have nothing bad to hide. I cant wait though i also have the TB testing tomorrow @ 8am and the home study is at 1:30pm. Our adoption agency sent me a list of of the stuff that i am still missing like, 5 copies of my adoption profile, financial agreement, photos of the backyard or sketch, my husband's certificate of naturalization for his citizenship, but she said i am doing good with the paperwork. I am trying to turn in everything as soon as possible. Oh today i also made reservations to attend some parenting classes that we need in order for us to complete our 32 hours of parent education. So on January 24 we have the Adoption Journey class and on March 28 the CPR class. Both of these classes give us a good amount of credit hours toward the parent education hours required by the state of Texas.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday i finally mailed out the documents to the adoption agency. I did it by fed ex just so it can make it there safely. The only thing that we both have left to do is the TB test. I called our family practioner today to schedule the TB test for 01/16/2008 in the morning.

We have so many things to do that day i had to take the whole day off. Here is what our schedule looks like. In the morning go to the doctor then come home clean the house and make it ready for the Home study that day. It is also my sister's birthday.

I feel like we are moving pretty quick with the adoption. I dont want to waste anytime with this i want to get it done right away. I feel like the quicker the sooner we can be placed with a child. I just hope and pray that we get approved as adoptive parents although i dont see why not.

On our adoptive parent profile we are almost done. I just need to do some last minute adjustments in pictures ect.. but the book is looking very nice.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Havent Bloged in a while. Part of the reason is the Holidays we had a very busy week, but that did not stop me from finishing up all the documents that needs to get filled out for the adoption agency.

We went and got finger printed on Friday 12/26 and after i got our receipt that shows we went and got it done I faxed it over to Beth the next Day.

I started working on the adoptive parents profile for the birthmother and finished it yesterday finally! I was kind of nervouse beacouse i wanted it to be perfect for her. Once i started it it was easy. I use shutterfly to do a photo album with stories of our lives including the dearmother birth letter in it. I hope they like it i put so much work in it.

Today William went to get his Driver License and he is going to get the Local Police Clearance done too ! He took today off to do that. He is going to do mine too! That says me time from work. I hope they let him do mine even if i am not there. The Lady told me he could just using my passport i hope she is right. If not i will have to get time off to go do it.

We are so close to being done with all the paperwork and i cant wait to turn everything in to Beth so she can get started look for a birthmom.

Today i made copies of our documents from the original ones that i have, but i still have to do more on Monday for Williams stuff.

We are getting closer to finishing up.