Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I met with BM yesterday at her ultrasound and it was a great experience being there to see the baby move and to hear his heartbeat. The BM and seem to be getting along very well we spoke about what she is learning at the center. She is learning on how to be a independent woman. I think she is a great person and very sweet. She also introduced me as the Adoptive Mom of her unborn baby to the nurses this was so nice of her i just cant believe how well everything is going. She also told me that she spoke to her parents about the adoption plan and they are very proud of her for making that decision. They also want to meet us and get to know us. I told her i would love that. They said is better to know each other before the baby is born because they will be there for the birth and we would not feel awkward. Before we left the BM told me i needed to go to her car because she had something for me. So as we walk to the car she hands me a baby gift bag with all the baby's ultrasound pictures and a scrapbook kit to start a book of my own with the baby OMG i was so happy words cannot express how i feel right now. She also put a card in there and a chocolate. On the card it read " I am so looking forward to seeing you both be parents just like we always wanted. I hope you enjoy this blessing just like me." OMG she is the sweetest person i have ever met. The baby is doing great he weighs 2 lbs right now and he is adorable. I can see his face, legs, arms, fingers. He is perfectly normal and so is the BM. I bought the ultrasound pictures and she did not want the original ones instead she made a copy of them for her to keep. She has another ultrasound on 03/09. I want to be there at every ultrasounds she gets just so i can get to know her and the baby.

Friday, February 20, 2009


This is how it all went yesterday with BM. We met with Agency at 11:15am and from there we drove together with the agency to meet with BM at the treatment center. The treatment center was like 1 hour away. This was going to be a long ride. My husband and I got to speak with Stephanie who works for our agency. She is so nice and sweet she really help us understand the BM who we where about to meet. We asked questions about her and about the procedures. We got a little lost on our way there, but we finally arrived about 12:20pm. I was really nervous about the whole thing, but very happy and excited. This treatment center is way in the woods in a very countryside place. It was actually very nice and quite. So we get down and went inside we took off our shoes and went inside. There where so many young girls all over the place they where are very nice and sweet girls. We went to the meeting room and we sit and have some water. Then comes this really young girl dressed with a blue maternity shirt and black pants that where a bit big on her, but you can tell she was pregnant for sure. She was very shy and you can tell she was nervous just like us. We loved her she was very nice. At the end we opened up to each other and she even showed me the baby's ultrasound pictures. I almost cried when she did that. The pictures where in a photo album. She had it all nice and neat and had stickers on the photo album with the dates she took them all. After the meeting was over she went back to school at at the center and the lady from the agency talked to us and said it was a good sign that she showed us the ultrasound pictures. That they will talk to her to make sure this is what she wants for her baby. They will call us and let us know.

When we met with BM it was 02/19 and on 02/20 BM called and said she is sure she wants to place the baby with us. Yayyyyyyyy OMG i was in tears and i immediately called William and told him he was very excited and could not believe it. I also called Mom, Sis, Brother. She also wants me to be in her doctors visits ultrasounds. I really want to be there for the doctors appointments and experience this with her. I hope we get along and that we build a good relationship. She has a doctors appointment today and i will drive about 1 hour away to be there.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So i am really nervous, happy, excited all about meeting with the birth mom tomorrow. I emailed my agency to confirm our appointment and she said we are still on for tomorrow @ 11:15am we will meet at the agency and from there we will be meeting with BM at the treatment center where she is staying right now. They said they have a nice meeting room at the treatment center where she is staying. I had asked the agency if i have to bring a gift for her or something they said no, but if i want i can bring her something small. I was thinking of bringing her some flowers just like another adoptive mom brought their BM. I will be praying that this meeting goes well and that she can trust me so that i can offer to go to the ultrasounds etc..

Thursday, February 12, 2009


A lot has happen just this week. We have had two birth mom opportunities just this week OMG. I cant believe this is happening.

The first birth mom is located here in Magnolia, TX which we like because she is local and we can see each other and just maybe i can be in the delivery room this is my dream, but we have to see it she picks us ect.. She is only 18 and she is in a treatment center for abandonment issues. Not sure what that is. Birth mom expenses is not that bad a month.

The second birth mom is located in Las Vegas, NV and she is 33 years old has two children in Foster care ages 5 and 3 years. She is a heavy Meth user and she has been using it through her whole pregnancy. My hubby and I decided not to make the match. I am so sorry to say i know this baby will need a lot of love and we just dont think we can handle it.

My agency called me and said that if we where interested in the lady from Las Vegas and we said no. After that she said because you have been picked by the first birth mom. I was sooooooo happy. She is due in June and is having a boy. OMG OMG !! She wants to meet us next Thursday. I do know she was contact with the baby. That is no problem with me. I hope that when she meets her she likes us and we like her and that everything goes well. I am so nervous.